Thursday, November 12, 2009

At The Leal's

We had a phenom of a steak at Josh, Brooke, and Eden's new house, prepared by chef Leal M.D. What a great time waiting on Ida to hit, eating awesome food and playing Rock Band Metallica.
Miss Eden is growing up so fast, pretty soon she will realize how lame we are so Brandy and I are getting in as much hang time as possible before the inevitable happens.

Oh So Mellow...

Brandlyn and I made a stop at our favorite Destin eatery and chill place, The Mellow Mushroom. Attached are some pics from our far out trip man.

The Brueschetta was the best I have ever had in my life. And of course no trip is complete without swizzling the sweet nectar that is Sweet Water Blue.

On Vacation

This being the first blog of our new family blog site I really wanted to write something witty, cool or even thought provoking. Visualizing the intended audience of family, friends and co-workers I thought about what they would like to hear from us and this is what I came up with...

Hi, were having a great time. Miss you all lots.

So it's not quite the next great American novel but I think it conveys how deeply emotional we are over the fun we are having and how we so long to see everyone again soon.

These pics are from Beasley Park where Brandlyn and I were married. It's almost as beautiful as she is... almost.